A Fresh Perspective: Enhancing Transaction Cost Analysis Effectiveness

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The use of transaction cost analysis (TCA) has evolved to become a much more integral part of the investment decision-making process, largely driven by the recent expansion of regulation throughout the global financial market. While TCA remains key to boosting a trader’s ability to operate effectively and efficiently, it can now also support compliance with new regulations such as Europe’s MiFID II.

While there is scope for TCA to become even more integral to the investment decision-making process, in order to continue this evolution, organizations must improve the tools, processes and data used to generate TCA.

This white paper is based on the results of a poll conducted among senior management, traders, compliance professionals and a range of other individuals at financial services companies in Asia, North America and Europe. Having examined existing trends and attitudes to transaction cost analysis, this white paper describes how organisations can build upon their current use of this analytical tool in order to improve the investment process.