High-performance risk analytics - Turning performance into business gains

Successfully managing risk is becoming more complex. Financial institutions are faced with evolving regulatory challenges, heightened competition, more types and sources of data to analyse and new risk types, all in a low growth environment. However with challenge comes opportunity and with fast, sophisticated insights firms can manage complex risks and seize competitive advantage. 

This three-part audiocast series produced by Risk.net and SS&C Algorithmics, looks at how high-performance risk analytics is shaping the future of risk management. 

In this first episode contributing editor Tim Bourgaize Murray talks to Neil Dodgson, vice-president, product management at SS&C Algorithmics, as he explains how high-performance risk analytics can be deployed in pursuit of business gains and reveals some of the real-world applications currently in play. 

  • 01:21 Defining high-performance risk analytics
  • 03:45 Technological advances enabling business gains
  • 06:00 High-performance risk analytics use cases: XVA
  • 09:57 High-performance risk analytics: future applications

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In part 2 of this series, SS&C Algorithmics’ CTO Curt Burmeister turns the focus on risk analytics accessibility and the opportunity afforded by the cloud. 

And in part 3, Neil Dodgson returns to discuss high-performance risk analytics from the perspective of usability and the user experience. 

You can read more about the evolution of high-performance risk analytics in the accompanying article to the series ‘Powering the risk engine – supercharging risk analytics for a new era of volatility’