Risk Management

612 white papers and resources

Risk Library provides a selection of risk management white papers which address key questions which can be used in reducing the dangers for your organisation faces and how to utilise any opportunities which may ensue to their maximum capability. Risk management is the assessment and mitigation of risks which have arisen by changes on a local or global scale. Risk management may involve realising opportunities that have resulted from these changes. Within the context of the Risk Library, risk management has been defined under asset liability management, credit risk, enterprise risk management, liquidity risk, market risk, operational risk and settlement risk.

Big Data Yields Big Returns for Finance Industry

Unlocking the potential of big data and AI is a must in the increasingly competitive Banking and Financial Services Industry. As FinTech continues to disrupt the industry, AI—and the big data that fuels the applications—will be game-changers for more traditional players. Have you started your AI…

Are you prepared to be held personally accountable?

The future increases in regulations pertaining to personal liability is not ‘new news’, but how can compliance officers mitigate the risks as well as take advantage of the benefits that managing personal regulatory risk involves? Find out by downloading the Thomson Reuters Cost of Compliance Report