Part II: The Availability of New Technologies and a Renewed Focus on Digital

In part one of this whitepaper series, we examined some of the forces and events that are disrupting or will disrupt the role, structure, behaviour and competitive environment for the capital markets and their institutions.

Here, we take it a step further by bringing to light one of the transformative forces that may exceed the impact of all others, and that is the accelerating pace of technology change and innovation. We examine how this new technology phenomenon is challenging current front office risk platforms and systems in a major way. This, by the way, creates the need for a rapid response from market players.

It is clear that technology is affecting the derivatives industry in a multitude of ways. And the pace of change and invention is accelerating and shows no sign of slowing.

This whitepaper focuses on the principal technology-driven enablers and influencers that will reshape competition in the capital markets in the years ahead.