Transforming the capital markets landscape: innovation at the speed of technology

Several years into the most profound economic crisis of a generation with no clear end in sight, the banking industry has suffered spectacularly. Profits may be returning to pre-crisis levels, but return on equity remains below acceptable percentages. Competition is tighter than ever and the consequences of multiple waves of regulation not yet fully understood. Mergers and restructuring, followed by waves of regulation have paralysed many institutions, while uncertainty about the future has driven many banks to postpone critical technology investment decisions. In short, the banking crisis has yet to play itself out and innovation in banking has lagged behind other sectors as a result.

This white paper looks at the challenges that manager face when developing trading systems strategies. It will provide you with insight into how to respond to these technological challenges and how to gain a competitive advantage for your firm. It explores how open, component-based architecture is radically transforming the capital markets landscape.