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Prometeia's Insights: The 2018 EBA/ECB stress test

This white paper examines the European Banking Authorities (EBA) and European Systematic Risk Boards (ESRB) release of macroeconomic scenarios for EU-wide stress testing. It further explores a possible approach to manage the sensitivities of risk parameters to these given scenarios.

Risk-Aware Finance and the Changing Nature of Credit

​​​​​This report explores how credit and analytics are shifting to address today’s regulatory and business challenges. It further explores why finance departments must embrace risk awareness and offers practical advice for FIs on how best to adapt their people, processes and technology to achieve…

A Guide to Assessing Cloud IT Economics

As you implement your cloud strategy, you need to shape your choices with full understanding of the impact on budget, resources, and productivity. In this brief, we walk through the cost- and performance-impacting elements you need to consider in your decision, including some that may surprise you.