Recovery and development

Sponsored by BGC Partners, Risk convened a panel of major inflation dealers in New York to discuss whether the market had recovered and to highlight new developments.

The Panel
Prabhat Arora, Vice President, Interest Rate Exotics Trading, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Ofer Fuchs, Inflation Trader, Citi
Allan Levin, Head of Inflation, North America, Deutsche Bank
Mark Greenwood, Head of Inflation Options, Royal Bank of Scotland
Antonio Giampaolo, Executive Director, Fixed Income Rates Trading, UBS Investment Bank
D'Arcy Miell, Global Head of Inflation Products, BGC Partners

Issues discussed include what are the major characteristics of the market in inflation options in the US compared with other derivatives markets and what can we say about the market in terms of its size and the amount of growth we have seen in recent years?