4 ways to bolster cyber risk management and compliance

Since the pandemic, cyber threats against organizations have intensified. Blame it on a “perfect storm” of factors—millions of employees working remotely; new digital technologies being rolled out faster than ever; IT and security teams grappling with increasing pressures and attack surfaces; plus, of course, mounting psychological stress which makes workforces more vulnerable to phishing attacks and the like. Cyber criminals are actively exploiting this crisis.

The findings, contained in MetricStream’s State of IT and Cyber Risk Management Survey Report 2021, reveal that since the pandemic, 45% of respondents have changed their plans and approaches to cyber risk and compliance management. Another 42% have increased the scope of their IT/ cyber risk and compliance programs. Meanwhile, 33% have deployed new tools and systems to enhance efficiency.

Based on these and other findings, here are four best practices that we believe will become increasingly important for organizations to strengthen cyber risk and compliance management.